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Derailed NYC Commuter Train Results in Fatalities & Injuries

On Sunday December 1st 2013, there was a tragic train accident involving a New York City commuter train traveling from Poughkeepsie to Manhattan. Four people were killed in the accident and more than 60 victims were injured. There were about 150 passengers on the train who went through this catastrophic accident at around 7:20am.

The cause of the accident has not yet been officially determined, but thoughts of track conditions, speed, mechanical problems and human error could have all played a role. Investigators have noted that the track itself did not appear to be faulty, but speed is a great possibility.

The reason for this is that the speed limit before the turn is 70mph and it jumps down to 30mph around the curve where the accident occurred. The speed of the train has not yet been determined, but is considered a potential cause.

Train accidents are some of the most devastating due to the number of people on board and the speed that trains travel. Carlson & Dumeer, LLC has taken on a number of train accident cases in the past to help injured victims fight for the compensation that they deserve. If you were the victim of this accident or any other train accident, do not hesitate to get in contact with an experienced train accident lawyer from our firm.

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