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Applying to the DICSP When Facing Drug Charges in Connecticut

Applying to the DICSP When Facing Drug Charges in Connecticut

Connecticut laws recognize drug crimes in five categories that address the type and amount of drug the police recovered, and their intended use. This classification is a scale from I to V. Whether you are facing charges for illegal or prescription drugs, you may have the option to apply for the state’s Pretrial Drug Intervention and Community Service Program or DICSP. This may lead to a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you. The DICSP is available to eligible individuals who have violated drug paraphernalia laws or drug possession laws.

What Is the Application Process for the DICSP?

You need to fill out and file the original application form with the Clerk of Court and send a copy to the prosecuting attorney. There is a $100 application fee and a nonrefundable $150 evaluation cost. If you are unable to cover these expenses or the program fees if accepted in the DICSP, you must file an Affidavit of Indigency. The court will determine whether they accept to waive the fees.

The Court Support Services Division (CSSD) will review your application and assigns you the appropriate program components for your situation.

If the court approves your DICSP application, you accept to:

  • Waive your right to a speedy trial
  • Participate in the 12-session drug education or the 15 or more sessions of the substance use treatment component
  • Take part in the community service component of 5, 15, or 30 days
  • Pay the $400 program fee for the drug education component o the $100 program fee and cost of services for the substance use treatment component
  • Start the program components the CSSD assigns you within 90 days
  • Successfully complete all court-required components
  • Do not engage in any conduct that would violate specific General Statutes

The court may require you to complete additional substance use treatment after your original program components. If so, you must also attend them before a judge reviews your progress and reevaluate your charges.

If granted, your application is valid for a period of one year. During this time the court orders to seal your court files to the public.

Does Previous Participation in the Program Affect My Application?

You need to indicate on the form whether you have previously attended the DICSP program and how many times.

Your community service scales up depending on how many times you participated in the DICSP:

  • 5 days for a first participation
  • 15 days for a second participation
  • 30 days for a third participation

If this is your first or second time a court approves your application, the CSSD refers you to one of the following:

  • The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS)
  • The Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs
  • The United States Department of Veterans Affairs

The appropriate organization will evaluate your situation to determine which drug education or substance use treatment component you should attend.

If this is your third time participating, the CSSD can also refer you to a state-license substance use treatment provider.

Hiring a Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

As soon as you face drug charges, you should get legal representation to protect your rights and your freedom. A criminal defense attorney evaluates your case and finds an appropriate angle to build your defense. They ensure that the arrest respected legal requirements. They can also guide you throughout the DICSP process, so you properly meet all requirements. They can counsel you outside of court and accompany you during any hearing before the court.

Are you looking for an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Hartford or Middletown? Contact Carlson & Dumeer, LLC, today at (877) 795-5594 to schedule an appointment!

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