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How Sex Offender Registration Could Change Your Life

Connecticut takes sex crimes very seriously and for those convicted, the consequences can complicate life even after the release from prison. In addition to serving jail time and paying steep fines, convicts are required to register on the national registry of sex offenders. The registry is available to the public through websites such as, where anyone can check on the status, charges, and whereabouts of every sex offender in the country. A person will remain on the registry for life and failure or refusal to register can result in further punishment and jail time.

Consequences of Sex Offender Registry

Among the most immediate effects of registration as a sex offender is that it will limit where a person is allowed to work and live. Many jobs disqualify convicted felons and convicted sex offenders are additionally restricted from working in industries where children are primarily present. For example, convicted sex offenders could not be school janitors, camp counselors, or theme park employees.

Property management companies can also ask applicants if they are convicted felons. If you move into a rental property, you may be required to inform your neighbors of your arrival. Notifying your neighbors could potentially public scorn as many neighborhood families do not want sexual offenders living next to their children. In the past, residents have even petitioned against individuals moving in next door.

Offenders may also be monitored by law enforcement and made to check in with officers at regular intervals. In addition to limitations on employment and residence, depending on the nature of the crimes, activities such as internet browsing may also be subject to restrictions. Like with the refusal to register, the failure check in with law enforcement can also lead to additional punishments.

Perhaps the hardest consequence of sex offender registration to quantify comes in the form of public perception. While the legal consequences of a conviction will differ for every crime, the label of sex offender can inflict a unique punishment. With the availability of information online, offenders can face a backlash and prejudice from residents who will not look past the label of sex offender. This alone can make it complicated for offenders to settle back into life after release from prison.

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