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Connecticut Police Seize Massive Amount of Narcotics

One of the largest drug busts in recent Connecticut history played out last week in Enfield, near the northern border of Connecticut. The North Central Regional Narcotics Task Force claims to have found approximately 1,400 bags of heroin in a single home, leading them to believe they found a location linked to a chain of drug traffickers or manufacturers. Small amounts of cocaine and oxycodone were also on the premises, as well as about $15,000 in bills and a .40 caliber pistol that may or may not be registered legally.

According to initial reports, the Task Force was tipped off by someone who complained that illegal narcotics were being sold out of the home. Investigators arrived on scene with a search warrant.

Two men were arrested and charged in relation to the drug seizure. It is not clear at this time if they owned, rented, or even stayed at the home at all. The charges they face include possession of heroin with intent to sell, possession of cocaine, possession of narcotics, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Although the charges are new and potential sentencing can only be speculated, any conviction including so many counts of drug crimes could likely put the men away for several years and fine them each several thousand dollars each.

The same Task Force claims to have conducted a similar bust in May at an inn only 5 miles from the home raided last week. Governor Malloy has also claimed that police have saved 100 lives from drug overdoses, many including heroin use, within just 2 years.

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