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Drug Overdoses Lead to Wesleyan University Arrests

Police officers made several arrests in late February following drug overdoses on the Wesleyan University campus. Four students were arrested because of the offense and are scheduled to appear in court to determine their sentencing.

According to the Middletown Police Department, the drug involved in the overdoses was Molly. Ten other students and two visitors also experienced side effects from using the drug and were hospitalized as a result.

The students who were arrested could face charges all having to do with various drug crimes. Police say that their charges could include possession of a controlled substance, possession of a hallucinogen, and possession of drug paraphernalia. One arrested student currently has 16 charges against him for illegally obtaining or distributing drugs.

Molly Often Involves Lab-Created Chemicals

Although Molly is often referred to as MDMA, the ingredient used in ecstasy, it may actually be quite different than users think. The Drug Enforcement Administration states that Molly is more a toxic mixture than anything else. In most cases, the drug is made up of lab-created chemicals, not MDMA.

Middletown law enforcement also believes that Molly was produced with various designer drugs. Search warrants have been approved to pinpoint the exact location of these designer drugs.

Molly is intended to create exhilarated highs, but the actual results can be life-threatening. Users are at risk for rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, and blood vessel constriction. More serious side effects involve lengthy panic attacks, psychosis, and seizures.

Based on the outcome of their arrests, the Wesleyan students could experience serious penalties that may impact their futures permanently. If you are facing drug charges and aren’t sure where to turn, get in touch with our firm. Our Hartford drug crimes attorneys have extensive experience handling charges just like yours.

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