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School Bus Crash the Result of Bus Driver's Distraction

A school bus crash in Wethersfield resulted in 11 people being sent to the hospital. Investigations are ongoing, but according to police, “distracted driving” is believed to have been the cause of the crash. Officials say traffic was stopped and the bus driver did not see the jeep directly in front of it, thus rear-ending it.

Due to the number of students onboard the bus and others involved in the accident, police immediately labeled the scene a mass casualty. Seven ambulances reported to the crash and transported approximately seven students to the hospital where their parents were waiting. Two other vehicles were also involved that had to be removed by tow truck.

Bus Driver Removed from Service Pending Investigations

While none of the students were seriously injured, others suffered minor harm as a result of the accident. One victim sustained minor facial injuries and the bus driver was also taken to the hospital as a safety precaution.

Police are currently gathering additional information about the accident from local officials. As of now, the bus driver could face preliminary charges for following other vehicles too closely. In an effort to uphold the safety of the students, the Department of Motor Vehicles reported to the scene to ensure that the bus was functioning as it should be.

The school that these students attend released a statement expressing their concern for the safety of the students. While grateful no serious injuries were sustained, they are planning to conduct their own review and have removed the bus driver from service until all investigations are complete.

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