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New Law for Connecticut DUI Offenders is Effective July 1st

DUI offenders in Connecticut can expect much stricter penalties starting July 1st. According to the new law, anyone caught driving drunk will be required to install an interlock ignition device (IID) in their car. Previously, this device was only required after a second offense, but state officials hope that the new policy will contribute to fewer alcohol-related fatalities.

The IID requires drivers to blow a breath sample into a tube before starting their car. If they blow and it’s under the limit, the car will start. Any samples over .025% prevent the car from starting and random samples are also required while the car is running.

Up to 6,500 first-time offenders will be affected by the new law. While those who had originally enrolled in a diversion program were exempt from IID requirements, the July 1st legislation changes all of that. Now anyone charged with driving under the influence must install an IID, regardless.

Stopped for Potential DUI? Your Response Matters.

While DUI charges have always been serious, this new law only increases their significance. Having to install an IID can be a serious burden and heightens the penalties already imposed on offenders in Connecticut. That being said, how you respond to a police stop for a potential DUI is more critical than ever.

Jail time, heavy fines, and now an IID are all potential consequences for even first-time offenders, thanks to this new law. Whether you choose to take a breathalyzer test when stopped can be a turning point for your future and it is imperative that you protect your rights by retaining a Hartford DUI attorney.

Put simply, you cannot afford to risk a conviction. We at Carlson & Dumeer, LLC are known for our persistence and tenacity. From the moment our team takes on your case, we begin actively championing your best interests. Connecticut’s new law may be hard-hitting, but we are equally aggressive in our commitment to achieve favorable case results.

Don’t take any chances. Avoid the repercussions of a DUI conviction by contacting our firm today.

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