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Heavy Snow Fall Leads to Danger for Connecticut Residents

For Connecticut residents, it very much feels like the snow has been falling since before winter started and hasn’t let up since. While it does make for some scenic landscapes, the snow has also been the cause of dangerous accidents for motorists and pedestrians alike; even business owners are suffering from the inclement weather conditions.

Slip and fall accidents and car crashes have been reported frequently throughout the state, all thanks to the heavy snow fall and sheets of ice. Although school has been cancelled repeatedly, this hasn’t kept everyone at home. Employees still need to get to work and grocery stores can’t simply close down. As a result, injuries are at an all-time high.

Staying Safe Amidst the Snow and Ice

With news articles advising pedestrians to “walk like a penguin” and frequent reminders to drive slowly, staying safe in the winter can feel like running a marathon – never-ending and almost impossible. Yet it doesn’t have to be so hard. Following just a few simple tips can protect your family from injury and prevent others from holding you accountable for causing injuries.

Most importantly, exercise common sense. If you know the streets are covered in ice and more snow is expected, it might be best to just stay home. Likewise, prepare for the days when you do have to stay home. Stock up on the essentials and ensure that your home is prepared if the power goes out.

On the days when going out and about is a necessity, be extra cautious. Keep a safe distance between you and other drivers, hold on to handrails when walking on the pavement, and watch for problematic areas that you should avoid. The last thing you want is to wind up on your back simply because you didn’t see an icy patch ahead of you.

If you do get in an accident this winter, whether in your vehicle or simply walking around, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our firm. Our Hartford personal injury lawyers are here to help you obtain a fair settlement for injuries that were caused by another individual. Call us today!

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