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Attorneys Carlson and Dumeer Secure $625,000 for Drunk Driving Accident Client

Attorneys Scott Carlson and Brian Dumeer  of Carlson & Dumeer in Hartford, Connecticut recently secured $625,000 for a car accident claim client who suffered debilitating injuries after being hit by a drunk driver.

The case begins at 2:00 AM, when our client – who will be referred to as the alias John to preserve his privacy in this sensitive matter – was returning home. Without warning, another vehicle raced across the center lane of travel and caused a head-on collision with John’s vehicle.

When emergency responders arrived to the scene of the crash, the driver who crossed into oncoming traffic was found to be heavily intoxicated. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of the drunk driver was reportedly so high, he had to be transported from the scene by an ambulance for treatment.

John was severely injured in the collision. Realizing the extent of his injuries, including a pain in his back and neck, John immediately sough medical attention. It would be determined that he did indeed suffer severe spinal injuries as a direct result of the crash caused by the intoxicated motorist.

Initial, conservative treatment methods were not producing the results John and his doctors wanted to see. After several treatment options were exhausted, John’s doctor recommended a two-level cervical fusion, which involves the removal of a damaged spinal disc and a bone graft that fuses the two adjacent bones together. John agreed to the treatment recommendation since none others had been acceptably successful thus far.

After the surgery was concluded and John’s health was reevaluated, he was assigned a 30% permanent impairment to his cervical spine. The surgeon suspected a nonunion, or a complication that disables a fracture from fully healing, had occurred.

Attorneys Carlson and Dumeer took John’s case, recognizing the severity of both his injuries and the intoxicated driver’s recklessness. Throughout their years of legal experience, Attorneys Carlson and Dumeer have seen many car accident cases caused by a drunk driver. Using their insight and knowledgeability of the topic matter, they drove the case forward with mediation, which would likely bring their client an award much sooner than litigation. After a week, Attorneys Carlson and Dumeer were able to secure John a settlement of $625,000.00

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