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What to do after a First DUI Arrest in Hartford, CT

After being arrested for a DUI in Connecticut, you will be detained by the police and your vehicle will be towed and impounded. You will then be taken to a police station and if your chemical test shows that your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is .08% or higher, you will be held until bailed out. The first thing to remember is that you are entitled to a hearing before your license suspension takes place. You have to request this hearing within seven days of receiving the notice of your suspension. Act quickly to ensure that you can fight for your rights. Team up with a Hartford DUI lawyer from Carlson & Dumeer, LLC for help through the process. The first step you and your attorney will take is the DMV license suspension hearing. At the hearing, you will be able to challenge the suspension of your license and fight for your driving privileges.

The most time consuming and frightening part for many is the arraignment. This is where you will appear in court regarding the criminal case. The arraignment is where you will enter a plea and defend against your charges. Some of the common defenses that you and your attorney can make at your arraignment include:

  • You were not actually driving during the time of the alleged offense
  • The police lacked justification to pull you over
  • The arresting officer did not perform the proper legal procedures when arresting you
  • The evidence is inadmissible
  • There was not probable cause for the arrest
  • The officer did not provide you with Miranda warnings

With the help of a Hartford criminal defense lawyer at Carlson & Dumeer, LLC you can challenge the testimony of the officer. If you provide witness statements that counter the testimony of the arresting officer or offer alternative explanations for your behavior or appearance, you may be able to successfully fight your charges.

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